Eliminate stubborn dirt in an environmentally friendly way – this is how it works!


The sight is just annoying for the owner of a property. And also the trains are designed with it or rather defaced. We’re talking about graffiti. As if the dirt in the air wasn’t already enough of a burden on the properties and trains. Cleaning is often a challenge. There is an environmentally friendly solution.

Why harsh detergents are not suitable

Whether dust or smears by vandals, cleaning the surfaces of real estate, means of transport, elevators, stairs and others is part of the task of the owners. With such stubborn dirt, it is understandable that the idea matures for a sharp cleaning agent to eliminate the dirt.

Corrosive solvents are harmful to the environment. Some of the substances come into contact with the natural environment during outdoor cleaning. The cleaning water is also disposed of in the sewage system and damages the treated drinking water, as micro components are always left behind despite an intensive cleaning process. For the user, there is also a risk of corrosion. No one has to resort to chemical cleaning agents to clean the surfaces anymore.


Environmentally friendly cleaning of surfaces

Everyone knows ice cream. So far, however, it is unknown to many that ice is also suitable for cleaning surfaces and does not require any environmentally harmful agents. More specifically, it’s about dry ice. The dry ice machine for cleaning surfaces is the environmentally friendly answer to stubborn dirt.

The machine contains carbon dioxide (CO2), which is formed into ice from a temperature of about 78.5 degrees Celsius. The carbon dioxide skips the liquid state during the production of dry ice. The machine presses the ice into pellets.

At high pressure, the dry ice pellets are pumped out of the machine in a jet form and the surface is bombarded with them. As soon as the dry ice hits the surface, it supercools and the substances on it can be easily removed.

Surfaces remain undamaged

The dry ice from the machine leaves no residue. Irradiating the surface with dry ice does not damage it. Property owners do not have to worry about the plaster falling off the building when cleaning. The dry ice only encloses the substances that are on the surface and dissolve through the process.

The dry ice machine for cleaning does not need to buy property owners and all those who have a need. The machine is rented by specialist retailers. If you do not dare to carry out the cleaning work yourself, you can directly commission a specialist company to do so.

Municipalities, on the other hand, should buy a dry ice machine. There are so many surfaces to clean in the city, not only due to dirt, but also for hygienic reasons. The cleaning work has to be carried out several times a week in different places, which is why the purchase of such a machine is cheaper in the long run than borrowing it or commissioning a specialist company to clean the surfaces.